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How Is the DOMA Pre-Algebra Grade-Level Score Both Different from and Similar to the ADAM Total Grade-Level Score?
ADAM is a foundational math assessment that spans grades K to 7. Thus, it has a Total Score with a GLS (Grade-Level Score) range of 0 to 7.9. The decimal score of 7.9 represents end-of-year 7th grade. Foundational math includes the following major areas of mathematics: Numbers and Operations, Measurement, Geometry, Data Analysis and Probability, and Algebraic Thinking.

DOMA Pre-Algebra covers the topics that are generally considered pre-algebra. As a result, it spans math content that ranges from 4th to 7th grade. This makes its decimal GLS range 4.65 to 7.9. It also covers the strand areas listed above but won't go into as much depth as ADAM does with elementary level math skills. Because pre-algebra as a math content area assumes a relatively solid foundation, it is more heavily weighted to pre-algebra topics such as coordinate graphing, exponents, polynomials, ratios, linear functions, etc.

Because these are two very different assessments, their GLS scores may not always match for students who take both assessments. It will depend on the individual student's actual abilities. One should think of ADAM's GLS as measuring foundational math skills and think of DOMA Pre-Algebra's GLS as measuring pre-algebra skills.

Here are some factors that will create variance in GLS scores between each assessment:
- ADAM is broader and covers more strands and thus skills of mathematics.
- ADAM has more questions per skill tested.
- DOMA Pre-Algebra bottoms out at 4.65. Therefore, students who have very low foundational math skills and are in the range of 4.65 to 5.5 should be tested with ADAM.
- The margin of error between scores is roughly plus or minus 0.25 years.

In what scenario would you compare the scores of both assessments with a given student?
1) Student A is in the 6th grade and receives an ADAM Total Score of 5.8.
2) The next year Student A takes DOMA Pre-Algebra because this is what his/her school uses in grade 7. Student A gets a GLS score of 6.4.
3) These scores can be compared, and it can be said that Student A made roughly 0.6 years of gain between the two test administrations.

In what scenario would I not want to compare the scores?
1) Student B tests with an ADAM Total Score of 3.5.
2) Student B also takes DOMA Pre-Algebra around the same time and receives a GLS score of 5.1.
3) Because Student B is near the bottom threshold of DOMA Pre-Algebra, we are not sure where the bottom of his abilities lies. Thus, this score may or may not be accurate. However, because we also gave Student B an ADAM assessment, we know his instructional points are lower.
4) In this case, the ADAM Total Score is more accurate and should be used.

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