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System/Network Requirements for Let's Go Learn

System Requirements


Basic Requirements:

The LGL system is completely web-based, using the most common browser technologies:


  1. Web browser using Flash for assessment and instructional products
  2. Web browser without Flash (iOS/Android) for DORA (English) and ADAM (English)
  3. High-speed Internet access
  4. Sound-enabled device using headphones or speakers
  5. Adobe Reader to view reports

LGL Flash and Adobe PDF compatibility test:

Click here to check your browser for Flash compatibility (Assessment and instructional products)

Click here to check your browser for PDF compatibility (Reports)


Requirement Details and Recommendations:

Web Browser:

  1. Recommend the most recent version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari
  2. Flash plugin version 7.0 or higher (assessment/instruction use only) Click Here to Download or Update
  3. Pop-up blocking software must be disabled or set to allow pop-ups from http://www.letsgolearn.com. Click Here to Turn off Pop-Up Blocker
  4. Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled

Screen Size:

800 x 600 or higher screen resolution - please use the recommended display settings on the device being used to administer the assessment.

Audio Settings:

  1. Sound should be enabled on the computer and be audible to the user
  2. If you are experiencing audio issues, Click Here

Running Reports:


  1. Adobe Reader is REQUIRED to view PDF assessment reports. Click Here to Get Adobe Reader Now
  2. If you are using OSX Safari, Chrome, or Firefox, you will need to change your browser's preferences to use Adobe Reader. Please click on the links below for instructions:

    Chrome Users Click Here
    Firefox Users Click Here
    Safari Users Click Here

Tablets and mobile devices:

Currently, DORA (English version) and ADAM (English version) are supported on iPad/iOS or Android devices. These two assessments will use either an html or Flash version, depending on the device. Our other assessments currently require the use of Flash and thus will not work on tablets or mobile devices. We are working to expand our other assessments to work on non-Flash-supported devices.

LGL Edge lessons are now available on both Android and Apple iOS Platform for the following devices: Apple iPhones, Android phones, Apple iPads, and Android tablets. Click Here for Instructions




Overview: Internet bandwidth needs are based upon the number of users who are taking assessments concurrently from a site. The initial start-up of assessments uses the most bandwidth. Once students are in the middle of an assessment, bandwidth needs decrease. Network quality must be sufficient to avoid packet loss when multiple computers are assessing students. Generally, modern network equipment less than three years old should be adequate.

Check your bandwidth at this site (choose the San Francisco Server): https://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/


Internet Connection Requirements:


  1. DSL, Cable, Satellite, or WiFi Broadband internet connection.
  2. Internet connection speeds of 1.5M/256K or higher are recommended, though this requirement may vary based on your overall network needs.


Local Area Network Requirements:

  1. LAN, including routers, switches, and network cards, should be 100mBit or greater.
  2. All labs using the assessments must be on switches, not hubs.
  3. Chaining a switch into a single port of another switch is not advised unless both switches have 100mBit capacity and are running at full duplex.
  4. Any old or unusual network configurations may cause network collisions and result in packet loss. This will make the assessment seem as if it is freezing, when actually packet loss is preventing the data from reaching the computer running the assessment.


Standard Bandwidth Guidelines:


Single Lab Usage (assuming 30 computers) Mbits/sec


  1. Normal usage 0.36
  2. Normal-High usage 0.56
  3. Spike peak usage* 1.16

Multiple Lab Usage (assuming 100 computers) Mbits/sec


  1. Normal usage 1.28
  2. Normal-High usage 2
  3. Spike peak usage* 2.92

* Labs do not have to meet spike usage needs. This spike may happen if all students start an assessment at once. You may experience a pause of 2 to 10 seconds if your network bandwidth isn't large enough; however, this is considered acceptable at start-up.

FINAL NOTE: Not conforming to the guidelines above doesn't mean the assessment will not run smoothly. Each network configuration is unique and may need to be assessed further if performance is affected. If there is suspicion of weakness in any area, we suggest you run our online flash test

Click below for PDF Version

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