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Advanced network and computer lab troubleshooting page for IT professional use

Advanced network and computer lab troubleshooting page for IT professional use

Web Filter/Proxy Test

Please add the following URLs/IPs to your proxy/web filter whitelist and then confirm that the following sites are available by visiting them behind the filter:

Main whitelist (if your filter allows, please approve all sub-domains of letsgolearn.com):


ADAM and DORA HTML Assessment:

* Please note that some web filters require you to add both http and https for each url to the whitelist. Additionally, some web filters require that you define both www and non-www urls on the whitelist.


Flash Version Test

Rules out Flash version issues with sound and picture:

Regular Assessment: http://www.letsgolearn.com/lgl_media/flash_test/flash1.html
Phonemic Awareness Assessment: http://www.letsgolearn.com/lgl_media/flash_test/flash6.html


Load Test for Labs

Simulates the exact calls that the assessments make and returns a value indicating a successful round trip from the lab computer to the LGL server and back. Good for testing a lab and determining how many computers can be used concurrently during testing with the existing network. Also, it will indicate a loss of packets when web requests are not returned: Click Here


Check Routing Path

Though tracert/ping utilize icmp packets and ISPs may prioritize these packets differently, this may indicate a latency issue between your gateway and the LGL servers. Ping and/or tracert to http://www.letsgolearn.com. Please note any major increase in response times or send results to us if there is a question. Any timeouts along the route or spikes in response time can create a freeze effect while a student is running an assessment or lesson, though this is uncommon.



If there are heavily congested times on the network, e.g. first thing in morning or at lunchtime, plan testing times during off peak hours. Ensure that there is not any sub-optimal lab network hardware in use, mainly lab hubs/switches and in some cases old nics. If ISP bandwidth is an issue, consider increasing your ISP speed package.


WLAN Congestion

In some cases we have experienced WLANs dropping packets during larger file size requests. If so, test run this page: Large IP Packet Test

WLAN bandwidth availability typically has greater fluctuations and can produce inconsistent results based on the number of concurrent connections, so if slowing or freezing occurs, reduce the number of wireless computers or test on a LAN computer to rule this out.


Other Recommendations

If you have exhausted troubleshooting ideas and are still experiencing issues, it is recommended that you try connecting to Let's Go Learn from a computer on your LAN that bypasses your web filter or proxy. Test the connection closest to your gateway with the least amount of software/network devices in between. In the vast majority of our troubleshooting cases that could not be resolved easily, the issues were within the LAN due either to hardware or software causing the restrictions.



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